Once upon a time, two friends named Annie and Amy were very much alike. They both played in bands, wore vintage dresses, and spent several nights a week in bars. Years later, they realized that suddenly they were not so much alike, and Mom & Not Mom was created. This blog began an epistolary exploration of their lives, friendship, and near-criminal overuse of capslock.

Later, Annie got so busy Not-Momming that she could no longer keep up with the excessive amount of time Amy had on her hands for blogging (naps, staying in at night). Amy enlisted the help of her legions of Not-Mom friends, as well as sometimes channeling her younger, Not-Mom self for fodder.

Questions? Ideas? Submissions? Praise? Hate-filled rants? Email us! Sumerton [at] gmail [dot] com.


Praise for MomandNotMom:

“Who is this Annie?  Drank a bottle of whiskey and punched a kitten in the face? I’m still laughing. Jumped in the  Detroit River? I just wet my pants. I couldn’t read the whole blog but I added it to my favorites.”

– Amy’s mom

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